Results of MOD.A NDIS member survey

Posted on 27 June 2018

In early March 2018, MOD.A received 37 responses (37% response rate) to a survey of randomly selected members regarding their status and experiences as service providers in the NDIS environment. The MOD.A survey found that the home modification industry is comprised mostly of small businesses in a fragile state of transition into the NDIS environment, who are expressing high levels of dissatisfaction with NDIA processes and pricing around the provision of complex home modification supports. For more detail on the results and findings of this survey view the final Report here.

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Federal Budget 2018

Posted on 27 June 2018
The 2018 Federal Budget, handed down by Treasurer Scott Morrison on 8 May, contains some additional funding for home based aged care but no specific provisions for the environmental modifications which will support it. A greater commitment to funding suitable housing needs to underpin the push toward reform in aged care. There are no specific housing-related measures for older people in the budget, but some allocation has been made toward housing and homelessness generally. This includes funding for the National Housing and Homelessness Agreement due to start in July 2018, and money for various infrastructure projects across the country. Clearly any funding to build better housing is welcome, but MOD.A is concerned that there does not appear to be an adequate focus on the development of age-friendly, suitable housing within general housing budget allocations, and it does not appear to be prioritised within aged care allocations.
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MOD.A Submission to the NDIA - 1 May 2018

Posted by RD on 4 May 2018

MOD.A was invited to take part in the AT Design Hub workshop in Geelong on 7 and 8 March 2018 and our Board Director Janeen Lynch attended. The workshop focused on a proposed new process for assessing NDIS participants for their AT needs and for home modifications. A report from the workshop was drawn up by the NDIA and circulated to those present, including MOD.A, prior to Easter.

Whilst MOD.A welcomes a new approach to delivering home modifications to NDIS participants we continue to have significant concerns about NDIA's proposed new approach, and have put together a submission which outlines those concerns and makes recommendations to strengthen it. The submission represents a great deal of work done by MOD.A Board Directors and MOD.A members, as well as other stakeholders, and draws on the data gathered from the survey of MOD.A members about their experiences to date operating under the NDIS. It has been delivered to the NDIA with an invitation for further dialogue.

You can view our submission on the Submissions page of this website.

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MOD.A Delegation Meets with NDIA Officials

Posted on 6 December 2017

A delegation of five MOD.A members met with the NDIA in October providing data, case studies and member feedback about the huge backlog of major home modification assessment reports held up within the NDIA, the widespread confusion about the process of major home modification assessment, inconsistencies in the NDIA review of major home modification reports, and a range of the problems arising from lack of engagement with the home mods sector and poor quality communication with participants.

In response, Ms O'Neill, Branch Manager Market Commissioning NDIA said the agency was aware of the extent of the backlog and some inconsistencies in the review process, and has two projects underway which aim to:

  • Free the significant backlog of complex home modifications awaiting approval
  • Streamline the NDIS complex home modification report review process to promote consistency.

Ms O'Neill said the NDIA would make announcements on the progress of these projects in four months (February 2018).

The NDIA indicated that, in response to provider feedback, the agency was considering procedural changes to the scoping and quoting of complex and structural home modification works, and would welcome industry input on how to make this process more efficient.

MOD.A will consult with members to collect your input on ways to improve the complex home modification assessment process, particularly in relation to the scoping and cost estimation of proposed works, and aims to get back to the NDIA with the results of our consultation in the New Year (see Have Your Say to the NDIA).

The NDIA also advised MODA that providers may expect a surge of approved major home mods projects at some point, however the timing of this was not specified.

MOD.A warned the NDIA that the availability of providers able to meet the service quality requirements of the NDIS was very limited and these businesses were seriously impacted by the current systemic and operational issues in the NDIS.

MOD.A members who attended the meeting were heartened by the understanding shown by the NDIA officials about the issues raised, and their plans to respond to some of main areas of concern. However, the NDIA has yet to reply to our follow-up letter and proposals.

In a follow-up letter to the NDIA, MOD.A noted the recent release of the NDIS New Participant and Provider Pathway Experience, and offered to assist the NDIA by improving the agency's understanding of the end-to-end home modification process; developing guidance and standards for the delivery of complex home modification services; assisting our members to understand and apply the NDIS principles and meet the requirements of the NDIS: developing information about home modification services for NDIS agents, service providers and participants; and improving the connection between participants, quality service providers and NDIA agents through appropriate online, telephone and face-to-face information and support.

MOD.A understands home modification is a key strategy of the NDIA, one which demands an integrated response from our sector, including OTs, building design and construction professionals who are capable of delivering on participants' needs, meeting regulatory and compliance requirements, and achieving the objectives of the NDIA.

MOD.A will continue to lobby the NDIA to engage with the home modification sector via MODA as a matter of urgency to tackle immediate issues, promote a stable framework for services providers and to determine the longer term national approach for the assessment and supply of complex home modifications.

We encourage all members to complete the MOD.A members NDIs major home mods survey to be sent out shortly, or write to us in more detail to enable us to deliver clear messages to the NDIA on areas for service improvement.

MOD.A members are invited to provide the NDIA with suggestions on improving complex home modification assessment, building construction advice and cost estimation processes, following a meeting between MOD.A delegates and top NDIA officials in Geelong in October 2017.

MODA will send the email survey out shortly. The survey responses will be anonymous, and assist MODA to continue to represent the concerns and input of our members to the NDIA.
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MOD.A Operations Continue

Posted on 6 December 2017
Despite a lack of government sector development funding and limited resources the board of Home Modifications Australia continues to meet quarterly and advocate for members, consumers and the sector in general at a state and national level to influence government policy and programs. We remain committed to advancing the cause of home modifications and promoting the health and social benefits they provide to the aged and people with disability. Please note that our contact details have recently changed. Updated details can be found on the Contact Us page.
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Results of MOD.A NDIS member survey

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In early March 2018, MOD.A received 37 responses (37% response rate) to a survey of randomly selected members regarding their status and experiences as service providers in the NDIS environment. The MOD.A survey found that the home modification...
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