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MOD.A is actively working to deliver a range of corporate benefits and special offers to its members. The following are available to current members or to new members when joining.

HR Assured

MOD.A has partnered with HR Assured to provide members with a complete workplace relations solution specifically designed for small business.

There is no question that government red tape around employment standards and people management has reached an all-time high in Australia. The introduction of the Fair Work Act in 2009 and National Employment Standards in 2010 have put much of the burden onto employers in terms of providing a safe and equitable environment for workers.

The risk of getting it wrong can be costly in terms of lost productivity, reputational damage and legal expenditure. Having a thorough framework in place is essential to ensure compliance with government requirements.

MOD.A is proud to partner with HR Assured to help members reduce the costs and risks associated with managing their people by:

  • ensuring that a business's HR management practices comply with Australia's complex, and constantly changing, workplace laws
  • giving businesses on-demand access to a team of highly experienced employment specialists
  • protecting businesses from any future employment-related claims through representation by Australia's leading workplace relations firm, FCB Workplace Law
  • providing businesses with comprehensive coverage against costs and compensation associated with workplace-related claims.

HR Assured provides four key services that protect and empower businesses:


HR Assured begins with front-end compliance, so every business that comes on board goes through a comprehensive audit. The reasoning behind this is very straightforward: compliant businesses have reduced exposure to legal claims and enhanced workforce engagement, both of which promote better business performance. This leads to a number of recommendations to deliver best-practice people management.

HRA Cloud

HRA Cloud is the first step in the implementation of this complete people management system.

As an online information and management system, HRA Cloud provides businesses with human resources and workplace relations support wherever and whenever they need it. The cloud-based platform provides industry-specific information; contract, policy and other document creation capability; as well as people and safety management workflows. In short, it is a dynamic, rather than a static, people management resource that is constantly updated so that businesses can be sure they are compliant at all times.

Telephone Advisory Service (TAS)

HR Assured clients can call the HR Assured TAS at any time on any day and run through any employment-related issues. The consultants can log into the client's HRA Cloud account and take them through the documents and processes step by step. The TAS consultants will give the client detailed advice designed to achieve an outcome, not just answer a question and then leave them to work out how to implement the solution.

Insurance and Representation

If an HR Assured client has accessed HRA Cloud and the TAS and they receive a claim from a current or former employee (for example, an unfair dismissal claim), they will be represented by FCB Workplace Law and are insured against all claims and awards up to $2 million, with no excess.

All MOD.A members can benefit from the partnership with HR Assured.

Not only will our members be able to access free workplace relations advice with a complimentary call to the Telephone Advisory Service but the already cost effective, subscription based pricing will be discounted by 10% (offer not available to existing subscribers).

If you want to know more about HR Assured and how they can help you to reduce the costs and risks of managing your people simply call Damian Westhoff on 02 9083 0083 or 0404 557 480, email via or visit their website. Please make sure to mention that you are a MOD.A member and Damian will outline the benefits and provide access to the complimentary advice call.



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